Enterprise Ireland clients can access a variety of databases covering numerous markets at the Market Research Centre. Below are some reports on the dairy-free market.

If you wish to view any of the reports or if you have any queries, contact us at market.research@enterprise-ireland.com. The Market Research Centre is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm


  • Nutraceuticals: Global Market to 2023


  • Free From in US/UK/Ireland
  • Dairy Packaging
  • Plant based Protein: Assessing demand for sustainable alternatives

Frost and Sullivan

  • Innovations in plant-based alternatives for animal protein
  • Innovations in Cell Encapsulation, Microbiome Science for Milk Alternatives

IBISworld (US market)

  • Soy and almond milk production in US

IBISworld (Australia market)

  • Soy and almond milk production in Australia

Marketline (Country reports)

  • Europe; Dairy


  • Free-from Foods – Ireland
  • A year of innovation in chocolate confectionery
  • A year of innovation in plant-based drinks & yoghurt
  • Free-from Foods UK

New Nutrition Business

  • Millennials clamour for probiotic coconut
  • Digestive wellness milk alternative
  • Non-dairy probiotic kefir water targets digestive wellness
  • Protein tech company stakes big money on disrupting plant milk
  • Veg of Lund enters dairy-free category with potato “milk”


  • The use of seedless grape varieties for developing dairy-free creams, Annals of the University Dunarea de Jos of Galati Fascicle VI — Food Technology. 2017, Vol. 41 Issue 2, p127-140. 14p.
  • Drivers of choice for fluid milk versus plant-based alternatives: What are consumer perceptions of fluid milk? McCarthy, K. S.; Parker, M.; Ameerally, A.; Drake, S. L.; Drake, M. A. Journal of Dairy Science. Aug2017, Vol. 100 Issue 8
  • Fruity dairy-free ice cream flies onto UK shelves, Convenience Store. 5/4/2018, p33-33. 1/5p
  • US to review standards of identity for dairy, Aroq – Just-Food.com (Global News). 7/30/2018, p4-4. 1p.
  • Learn from non-dairy alternatives, Food Manufacture. Jun2018, p53-54. 2p. .
  • Planted vegan dairy alternatives revealed, Convenience Store. 7/27/2018, p24-24. 1/6p.


Important Note: All databases are subject to copyright. The use of cameras and USBs is strictly prohibited.


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