Third wave coffee has shaped the foodservice and retail coffee markets and the overall importance of third wave drinks will only continue to grow. Consumers enjoy treating themselves to premium coffee drinks suggesting a strong opportunity for operators to offer premium third wave drinks. Coffee and Tea on Premise -US -July 2018, Mintel, Report Snapshot.


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Mintel (Food and Drink)

  • Coffee and Tea on Premise- US -July 2018
  • Coffee- US- July 2018- Qualities of Premium Coffee
  • Coffee is a big opportunity for Premium Private Label
  • Coffee- UK- September 2018- Market Segmentation
  • Premiumise Instant Coffee in China
  • Millennials drive Growth of “Third Wave” iced Coffee

IBISWorld (US Market)

  • Who are America’s Biggest Coffee Drinkers?
  • Coffee Shops Brewing more Premium, Healthier Options -May 2018
  • The Retail Market for Coffee in the US- August 2018
  • Coffee Production in the US- June 2018

Frost & Sullivan

  • Innovations in Coffee Production Technology

Marketline (Country Reports)

  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Taking Third Wave Boutique Coffee Nationwide
  • Key Trends in Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Powerful changes shaping the soft drinks, hot drinks, enhanced water and packaging segment
  • Hot Drinks Global Industry Data

New Nutrition Business

  • Coffee Gurus Plan to Brew a New Category
  • Family owned Coffee Roaster enters RTD Market

Plimsoll (UK Market)

  • Coffee
  • Coffee Producers and Suppliers
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Coffee Machines and Supplies


  • Hot Drinks Global Industry Overview
  • Reacting to the Third Wave: Alternative Approaches to Coffee Premiumisation
  • Coffee Premiumisation in South East Asia
  • Hot Drinks: Quarterly Briefing Q4 2018
  • Coffee in 2018: The New Era of Coffee Everywhere
  • Premiumisation in Asia Pacific: Tracking a New Affluent Class
  • Coffee in Western Europe
  • Coffee


  • Speciality instant coffee start- ups aim to change the way you drink a cup of joe. Chicago Tribune. September 2018 Vol. 28 Issue 3
  • The Third Wave Coffee Boom has resulted in a new wave of Java Related Vocabulary. Japan Times Dec2018



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