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BCC Research

  • Advanced Ceramic and Nanoceramic Powders
  • Electroceramics: Technologies and Global Markets
  • High-Performance Ceramic Coatings: Markets and Technologies
  • 3D Printed Technical Ceramics: Technologies and Global Markets
  • Technical and Advanced Structural Ceramics: North American Markets
  • Transparent Ceramics: Technologies and Global Markets
  • Bioceramics: Technologies and Global Markets
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites and Carbon Matrix Composites: Technologies and Global Markets


  • Cement, Stone, and Ceramic Products (Country Reports)

Plimsoll (UK Benchmarking Reports)

  • Ceramic Product Manufacturers

Frost & Sullivan

  • High Performance Ceramic Coatings
  • Non-Oxide Ceramics for Bulletproofing Applications
  • Ceramic Nanocomposites as a High Performance Alternative for Traditional Ceramic Materials
  • Innovations in 3D Ceramics and Metal Printing, Welding, Joining, and Riveting Techniques
  • Nanotechnology Innovations in Ceramic Fibers, Smart Bandages, Diagnostics, Encapsulation and Quantum Dots

IBISWorld (US Market)

  • Ceramics Manufacturing

AMA Research (UK Market)

  • Floor and Wall Tiles Market 2017-2021
  • Modular Floorcoverings Market 2017-2021
  • Bathroom Market 2017-2021


  • Materials with Market Value: Global Ceramic and Glass Industry Poised to Reach $1 Trillion. By. Gagliardi, Margareth. American Ceramic Society Bulletin. Apr2017. Vol. 96. Issue. 3.
  • 3D Technical Ceramics Market Forecast to Reach $544 Million by 2022. By. Gagliardi, Margareth. American Ceramic Society Bulletin. Jan/Feb 2018. Vol. 97. Issue. 1.


  • DEGRAW, A., 2017. New Directions for Non-Oxide Ceramic Powders. Ceramic Industry, 167(4), pp. 22-23.
  • MARKANDAN, K., CHIN, J.K. and TAN, M.T.T., 2017. Recent progress in graphene based ceramic composites: a review. Journal of Materials Research, 32(1), pp. 84-106.
  • ZHU, Y., PHD. and HEALEY, A., 2017. Advanced Ceramics in the Defense Industry. Ceramic Industry, 167(4), pp. 17-21.



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