The global market for bionic devices reached $2.8 billion and $3.2 billion in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The market should reach $6.4 billion by 2021, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.2% from 2016 to 2021; and $12.1 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 13.6% from 2021 to 2026. Bionics: Technologies and Global Markets, Report Highlights, BCC

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• Bionics: Technologies and Global Markets


• Orthopedics and Prosthetic Market Forecast


Design and optimization of a powered ankle-foot prosthesis using a geared five-bar spring mechanism. By: Dianbiao Dong; Wenjie Ge; Shumin Liu; Fan Xia; Yuanxi Sun. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems. May/Jun2017, Vol. 14 Issue 3

Prosthetic Abilities. By: HULLICK, JAMES. Leonardo. 2016, Vol. 49 Issue 2

• A novel prosthetic knee joint with a parallel spring and damping mechanism. By: Huiqun Fu; Xiufeng Zhang; Xitai Wang; Rong Yang; Jian Li; Li Wang; Ning Zhang; Guanglin Li; Tao Liu; Bingfei Fan; Yoshio Inoue. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems. Jul/Aug2017, Vol. 13 Issue 4


Frost and Sullivan
• Sensor Technology Alert. Graphene Oxide Biosensors to Enhance Drug Development; In-Home Wireless Platform Finds Enhanced Market Opportunity; Advancements in Sensor-Based Skins for Prosthetic Limbs

• 3D Printing to Improve Quality of Life for Differentially Abled in Africa

• 3D Printing of low-cost Prosthetics.

• Global; Visionary Innovation Leadership award- Custom-fit Prosthetic Solutions for Lower-limb Amputees.

• Research and Development initiatives in Cancer prevention, Prosthetics, Coal Combustion Technologies, Electricity Generation & Microalgae Cultivation- Inside R&D TOE.

• Future of Bionics


Plimsoll (UK Market)
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Marketline (Industry Reports)
• Healthcare Equipment and Supplies


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