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The Fish and Seafood Aquaculture industry has experienced slow growth over the past five years. Given that the vast majority of industry revenue is derived from sales of fish, mollusks and crustaceans that will be processed into food products, this industry’s success is tied to levels of seafood consumption. –Fish and Seafood Aquaculture in the US, IBISWorld


Frost & Sullivan
• Innovations in Microalgae, Antibiotics, Aquaculture and Food Preservation.
• Innovations in Sensors for Energy Harvesting, Ph Detection, Location Tracking, Aquaculture and Smartphones.
• Australian Aquaculture Feed Additives Market, Forecast to 2020.
• Innovations in Agricultural Sensors, Aquaculture Sensors, Anti-UAV Sensors, Missile Defense Sensors, and Print Label Inspection


• Fish and Seafood Aquaculture in the US.


• Aquaculture


• Fish Farms
• Salmon Farms


• How can states outside the Gulf of Mexico regulate offshore finish aquaculture? By: Siedlak, Sarah Ann. Case Western Reserve Law Review. Summer2017, Vol. 67 Issue 4

• The Scale Efficiency of Nile Tilapia Pond Aquaculture and Its Determinants in Tampaksiring District of Bali Province. By: Diantariningsih; Tamba, I. Made. Journal of Economics & Sustainable Development. 2017, Vol. 8 Issue 18

• Advancing Aquaculture To Meet Growing Demand. By: Suszkiw, Jan. Agricultural Research. Jan2018, Vol. 66 Issue 1

• Vulnerability of aquaculture-related livelihoods to changing climate at the global scale. By: Handisyde, Neil; Telfer, Trevor C; Ross, Lindsay G. Fish & Fisheries. May2017, Vol. 18 Issue 3

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